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Mold Class

What is a Mold Class?

What is a mold class ?

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What is a mold class? A mold class is a course that will teach you all about the effects of Mold and how it can affect your living environment. If you are a Realtor, Lawyer, Home Inspector, or just looking to start your own business this is a profession that almost anyone that is trained properly can have a successful rewarding career.

Black Toxic Mold is a growing concern to everyone and there is not enough properly trained people in this field, we get calls and emails from Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, California, Tennessee, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and almost every state in the US. The problem is we can not be everywhere at one time so if you are interested in becoming a Certified Mold Inspector and or a Certified Mold Remediation please fill out the form we should begin having classes in the South Eastern United States within the next month.

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