Mold Forces Woman Out Of Her Apartment

Reported by: Shannon Kettler

The mold inside Pamela Crooms' Kennedy Heights apartment is overwhelming -- it covers the walls from floor to ceiling in just about every room.

The health department said the mold is so bad that they are recommending that Crooms find a new place to stay immediately.
The problem began when the kitchen sink started to leak, Crooms said. "After that, I started to see all the mold coming out."

Crooms called her landlord, Dwyer and M.E. Realty, to fix the problem. The landlord, who declined to speak on camera, said they assessed the problem and then returned a week later to fix it but said Crooms wouldn't let the workmen inside.

"I don't want nobody to come in there and start slapping stuff around. I want to know if it's in my furniture. I've got a lot of questions," Crooms said.

Monday, a city health inspector came to answer some of the questions.

"It appears there's been water migrating down the walls probably, from a leak in the roofing system," said Denis Boudreaux of the health department. "With the water in the wall and proper temperature and food, mold can grow."

Boudreaux also said he thinks there may be a leak coming from underneath the building's crawl space. As a result, he has notified the landlord to look into it.

"She should probably see about living somewhere else. I wouldn't want a family living in a condition like this," Boudreaux said.

So what should you do if you find yourself in a similar situation? The health department recommends that you contact your landlord immediately if you notice any kind of water leak.

If the problem is not addressed, you should notify your local health department. The health department will then send out an inspector to assess the seriousness of the situation.

"I think I'll try and get out of here and go over a friend's house because its just too much," Crooms said.

Crooms' landlord has offered to relocate her to a different apartment in College Hill, but Crooms is hesitant because her job is in Kennedy Heights and she doesn't have a car.


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